Mark Maslar, Information Architect

Mark co-founded Blackpants Design Group on the belief that a web design's primary function should be to help customers accomplish a set of defined business goals. These can range from building a brand's identity to generating direct sales or sales leads. The Internet is a crucial component of any marketing plan, but one must not lose sight of the business drivers through the maze of rapidly evolving technologies.

Mark's background envelops two functional areas: technical and marketing. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Villanova University and was employed as an Application Engineer for E.I. DuPont and Allen-Bradley before assuming marketing responsibilities at Rockwell Software. As a product manager for Rockwell Software, Mark analyzed market requirements, defined new highly-engineered software products and created product launch materials. Having overseen software projects throughout their entire life cycle, Mark has a unique perspective and experience in keeping software projects focused on business goals.

Mark is highly productive with today's forerunning technologies, including: Visual Studio .Net, C#, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, Web Services, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and of course HTML.


Marissa Maslar, Creative Director

Marissa is one of the founding Principals of Blackpants Design Group. She is a firm believer in cohesive integration. Whether from an interior design or graphic design perspective, all elements must relate to provide a visual and physical balance. This is what impacts an image and strengthens the Brand recognition.

As a graduate from the Ohio State University, Marissa holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and in Industrial Design. While her education strengthened her theoretical training, her additional experience as a Store Manager for the Limited Stores, Inc. and the Limited Too, Inc. for 6 years, applied her theories into practice in operational store setups and merchandising.

Prior to forming Blackpants, Marissa was a Production Designer for Chute Gerdeman Inc. Her conceptual and collaborative expertise was integral in the development of local and national retail concepts for Joshua's Bookstore, LensCrafters, GTE/PCS, Wolverine, Charley's Steakery, Kiva, Max & Erma's, Bob Evans, Wrangler, B Wear, Wenzel, Donatos, WorkZone, H2O, Beauty Warehouse, Hamilton Store Fixtures Exhibit, and Mindworks.